What’s Going On?

“I look like a casual, laid-back guy, but it’s like a circus in my head.” Steven Wright

This is exactly how I feel right now. Here’s a summary of the work going on.

Creepsi Twisted Tales – First, we’re moving this to Strange Twisted Tales starting with the next issue. There’s various reasons behind this but the last thing from Creepsi will be a trade paperback. That’s right! The full 5 issues are being given color to the inside art as I write this. PLUS, I have an Indiegogo campaign up for this work and publication. I urge you to support this effort and get the 100+ page illustrated paperback sent directly to you.

Strange Twisted Tales – I’m lining up the stories for the first issue of Strange Twisted Tales and getting artists for the upcoming issues. The premise behind the comic is the same as Creepsi with plenty of twisted horror. However, I don’t see extended story lines in these issues. I hope to have the first issue out by December.

The Heroic Age of Rogues and Villains – ローグと悪役の英雄的な時代Starting January/February 2022, this is a new dark fantasy digital comic series that is very manga-like in style and form (thus the reason for Japanese in the title). Set eons ago before the ice sheets swept over a vast southern continent (Antarctica), the lush land held bronze age cities, many strange and exotic creatures (AND LOVECRAFTIAN GODS). It is a sword and sorcery storyline with plenty of action with a mix of evil gods and their followers along with adventurers and witches.

Jealous Gods – this new horror/fantasy digital comic series where people go about their modern daily lives unaware that the ancient gods resent losing influence over mankind. Those gods who break into the present to re-establish their domain encounter a small band of demigods who are the only ones capable of returning these jealous gods back to their dimension. I hope this series can start up in January/Feb 2022 as well but much depends upon finding the right artist(s).

Shadow Over Charax – My newest novel is still a work in progress (now over 100k words). I’m still at least 25-35k words away from finished so I expect this is a first quarter 2022 in publication.


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