Looking for a Horror Trade Paperback?

I’m pleased to announce that the color completed all of her work and we have the 118 page Creepsi Twisted Tales Anthology ready for the printer. I thought I would show off some of the various color panels from our original black and white pages. I’m providing a partial story synopsis to whet your appetite.

The Ragtime Goblin Man character below is coming back in a full blown story with his origins (set during the St Louis World Fair and based upon a ragtime song).

The next panels are from a 4 issue story called Circuit Rider with ghouls in the Old West.

Another story called Lying in the Grass involves a love triangle murder through a science experiment.

Another favorite story of mine is called We Take You to a Breaking News Story. A bit of Lovecraft mixed with another dimension.

Next, Long Journey Home has some interesting twists in the story of vengeance.


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