Look what’s come to my doorstep!

For those who’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I collect small publishers and others just because they catch my eye. Here’s a few of the latest comic books and an book from World War 2 era comics.

Male Call is a series of popular comic strips from Milton Caniff during WW2 that was put into a book in 1945. Just a cool piece of memorabilia to me. Not sure of the value/rarity.

I typical bid on batches where I see multiple first issues. Here’s those that come in out of small bundle of 20 or so (mixed majors and minors). I already had the Bloodstrike. Now I have to cull out those that I want to get rid of after I read through them.

To me the most interesting are the ones’s I’ve never seen. Like this set based upon the old The Avengers British espionage (yes, not Marvel) TV show. Too bad the first issue has some type of moisture damage on top. I grew up with the sequel series The New Avengers in the 70s with the Patrick Macnee and the awesome Joanna Lumley (early crush for me).

I’ve been a fan of The Phantom from the pulp stories so this looks interesting.


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