From the Front Porch

It’s like Christmas every time that I see a package on the doorstep. The downside is the organizing and storage of those for my collection and figuring out what to do with those I don’t want (still a work in progress). In the meantime, I’ve read through a bunch of these and want to put a few out here to show. These are just a sample of the box (50+).

I’m a fan of some Atlas comics as you’ll see. Not because their stories/art are better by any stretch but I like the small guy trying to take on the goliaths.

The Lomax series pretty good so far. I liked the first issue and this one.

Not a huge fan of vampire stories in general so Planet of the Vampires was only so-so with me.

Now, here’s the worst one I’ve tried to read and it’s from Marvel. The Superpro Special Edition is a REALLY terrible premise. Luckily it came in a batch so I didn’t spend hardly anything on it. I can only hope it has some value to a collector…lol.

However, I enjoyed the DC version of Beowulf (although I prefer my own Beowulf story……

I’ll post some other comics with my general thoughts around the stories.


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