Entering 2022 – Novels and Comics Coming

Here’s the latest work going on along with a special.

FIRST, Beginning this Friday, January 14, 2022, at 5:00 AM PST, you can get my Beowulf novel for only 99 cents on Amazon ebooks. Beowulf is a brash and arrogant young warrior on the rise in his homeland of Geat. Like any restless warrior of seventeen, Beowulf hurries to the ravaged kingdom in search of daring adventure. In the lands where Viking and Norse myths and magic are all too real, the budding hero learns pride and foolish bravado can be as lethal as the magical terrors he faces.

Next, while I’ve started up my next dark fantasy novel (The Manor House), I’ll soon be completing final edits on Shadow Over Charax. I’m sending out for estimates on the cover art this week and will post them here in the near future.

On the comic side, next month’s scripts for Strange Twisted Tales are ready to go and I have already received some of the first drafts for a story called “Death Study”. Here are a couple of panels.

I’ve also got a cover coming for the new series called Jealous Gods which I’ve discussed on this blog recently. I’ll put that out as soon as I receive it. The script for that series is moving along and will have a format similar to manga with about 20 pages per chapter when released.


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